Galaxy Tab 3 – high tech with low tech bugs?

Looking at today’s tablets and comparing to the PCs of the 80ies impresses me. I own a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. Among the tablets the resolution is on the worse site. Still 8 times more than on the first computer I used. How many more colours? Probably millions compared to the one color displays. Remember the orange or green on black? Power storage and so on are calculated in Gigahertz and Gigabyte instead of the Megaones of the past. Meaning a factor thousand! Everything in a size smaller comparable to the old 4,25″ discs. Thirty years ago this would have been worth millions and beaten all supercomputers. Feels good to have something like this in my hand.

What doesn’t feel good is having this thing shut down, reset the date and block my WiFi connection roughly one time a day. Annoyed I went through the settings, tried to make an Android update or find some systematics in the suicide behaviour of my tablet. After being annoyed for a while I found the hint in the internet – of course. Some guy with good ears heard click sounds he could correlate to the Tab crashes. Wow! Investigating this he (and so did I) found that the power button gets stuck often and causes a reset of the device. What is this? Millions of transistors, touchscreen, two cameras and whatever more combined to a high-end gadget and it’s not possible to build a working power button? This makes engineers cry!

Some people say „everything used to be better in the old days“. I don’t say everything, but thirty years ago we had the better power-buttons.