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Video of the turtlepond

The next video I made after very heavy snowfall. Approximately 80cm went down during one day. One day later I went to the turtlepond. This pond permanently has 28°C warm thermal water. The turtles and goldfish are there the whole year, even in deep winter. Here you see footage of the pond before and after heavy snowfall. I like the nice contrast between the thick snow you get in the alps and the animals which usually live in more tropical regions.

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Warmbach video 2.0: fishes in the snow

Not long ago I uploaded my very first video about the Warmbach on youtube. Thanks to mattes feedback I made a second one. I have to say I’m impressed with the impovement, despite not having taken a single new shot! It’s all the same material. I hope you like it too.

According to the forecast winter will finally come here. I plan to make a new video. Please write comments e.g. in youtube what you want to see there, what you liked, what not. Please also like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video!

Thanks again to the comments in this thread.

Warmbach update end of august

Funny thing. I wrote the winter will probably still come and now I’m sitting here with 15 °C end of august. It wasn’t meant this way. Winter shouldn’t come in summer.  Despite in Villach the fishes won’t care because of there nice, warm water. I just wanted to write an update on Warmbach video experiments half a year later. If you look at my two videos I’m sure you’ll find this one much better than the older one. It also having slightly more visits – probably because of the positive forum feedback. Now the discussion stopped and there’s no new traffic from the forum. It’s all about youtube attractiviness. I can clearly see the long and boring video outperforming the better one. Why did I do the effort of improving it? Why is quality  not important? Youtube, what are you doing?

Warmbach Villach on youtube – my first video

Long time ago I wanted to upload a video of the Warmbach in Villach (see here – in german). I actually took a few videoparts then but had no software to process it. Now I at least can do easy things like combining in Lightroom. So I did and uploaded the video to youtube. Please enjoy good 5 minutes of hot water, cold snow, tropical fish and plants.

Hemichromis bimaculatus
Amatitlania nigrofasciata

Shinnersia rivularis
Valisneria americana (mainly)
Cryprocoryne wendtii brown
Pistia stratiotes

As written above. This is my first video. I am happy to get any comments what to improve. The same for informations what you find interesting. I’ll then try to make a video of it.

I made a new version of this video, which you can see here!

thermal ponds in Austria

Deutsche Version.

In this blog there are already some articles about the Warmbach Villach and his tropical inhabitants.This time I want to write about the Maibachl, which actually is more famous.

Maibachl - thermal pond in Villach Austria
Maibachl – thermal pond in Villach Austria

The Maibachl is a thermal spring which fills up two ponds in the forrest. The lower one is shown on the picture. All the year the water leaves earth with around 28°C. Usually the flow is so strong, that the ponds are overflowing into a strong creek, which actually passes by the Warmbach only by a few meters. After mixing with colder creeks both rivers combine. At the picture you don’t see the pond overflowing. Actually it’s already quite inactive and drying out. That’s also the main difference to the Warmbach. Because the Maibachl is only temporary active you can only see very few algaes there, but no other waterplants or water animals. One thing you almost always see is people bathing in the pond. In the water Radon was found and since the time of the romans it’s said that the water has healing power.

tropical creek inside the alps


Deutsche Version hier.

I’m living inside the alps and am always fascinated having something tropical around. I found this thermal creek inhabiting  mainly plants from south america and fishes from south africa. To my surprise there are not so many discussions about on the internet. I try to follow the ones I find. There was also the question raised by „Kompomente“ how it looks there right now (#18 in the thread – german).This morning it was very foggy, so I decided to go out and take a few pictures for this blog. You can click on them for a larger view.


Signs and discussions are about this creek being „renaturalized“ (I hope this word exists). Fear of many was that this would lead to a killing of the plants and animals living there, which are usually living on other continents. On the first picture you see that the amount of plants decreased significantly. this normally happens during winter. I guess it’s not so much because of the cold air, but because of the shorter daylight time. Until now the winter was very mild. Here you can see how it could look there also during winter.

The Warmbach - a thermal creek in Villach, Austria being home of tropical plants and fish in the alps.
The Warmbach – a thermal creek in Villach, Austria being home of tropical plants and fish in the alps.

A littler bit further up you can see a lot of Valisneria americana. But other plants vanished there.

The Warmbach - a thermal creek in Villach, Austria being home of tropical plants and fish in the alps.
A little bit further many Valisneria are growing. The „mexikanisches Eichblatt“ is almost completely gone.

Das Wasser ist gerade etwas niedriger, deshalb habe ich auch ein Foto aus einer anderen Perspektive eingefügt:

The Warmbach - a thermal creek in Villach, Austria being home of tropical plants and fish in the alps.
The Warmbach from a frog perspective 😉

A new species I saw in the Warmbach are: horses. They probably got cold feet 😉

Thanks to „Komponente“ for the motivation to write an update here. If you have questions or wishes, please wite them as a comment below. With a bit of luck you get an answer with some nice pictures ;-).

Due to historic reasons, the fishtank section was german. I’m testing, if there’s interest in english articles. If you want to have an old article translated, please write it as a comment below and I’ll do so.

Articles about the Warmbach (mainly german).