thermal ponds in Austria

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In this blog there are already some articles about the Warmbach Villach and his tropical inhabitants.This time I want to write about the Maibachl, which actually is more famous.

Maibachl - thermal pond in Villach Austria
Maibachl – thermal pond in Villach Austria

The Maibachl is a thermal spring which fills up two ponds in the forrest. The lower one is shown on the picture. All the year the water leaves earth with around 28°C. Usually the flow is so strong, that the ponds are overflowing into a strong creek, which actually passes by the Warmbach only by a few meters. After mixing with colder creeks both rivers combine. At the picture you don’t see the pond overflowing. Actually it’s already quite inactive and drying out. That’s also the main difference to the Warmbach. Because the Maibachl is only temporary active you can only see very few algaes there, but no other waterplants or water animals. One thing you almost always see is people bathing in the pond. In the water Radon was found and since the time of the romans it’s said that the water has healing power.

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