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Every month Matt Granger (Thatnikonguy) starts a photocompetition on youtube. See his announcement here. This month I want to particitpate with my picture “Winterwonderland”.


This is a picture of the mountain Dobratsch. It’s in the Austrian Alps. I took the picture last winter in January. After this month I was suddenly very busy with my real life and also had not taken any nice pictures. Hopefully this will change soon.

Winterwonderland - The Alps (Austria)

Winterwonderland – click on the picture for fullscreen (Flickr)


This photography was taken with a Nikon D5100, a Tamron 17-50mm VCII lens at 17mm, f=18, t=1/320 and ISO 1250! I used a circular polarizer.

One year earlier

I also took I photo quite exactly one year before. See the difference? Not much…

The picture from the same spot one year (eleven moths, to be exact) earlier

six months of photography: Mittagskogel

One typical picture is the Mittagskogel near my place. This photography was taken after I saw the impressive clouds while running. After reaching home, I went back to take this picture. Being quite unhappy with the result after editing I turned it into black and white and decided for this dramatic look.

 Mittagskogel with clouds - taken after six months of photography

The result was very well perceived by the flickr-community. What I wonder is if it really is this good? Does every photo look better if you elevate the contrast? Does every black and white picture is arty? What do you think?