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a video for Matt Granger’s photocompetition

Last time I was not so succesfull with my participation at Matt Granger’s (ThatNikonGuy) photocompetition. But it’s always fun to participate. So I do it again. This time actually is a bit different. I started making timelapses, which despite usually done by photographers are videos. It’s really a lot of work. So despite haven taken the standard red blossom and red chili amongst many green on the plant I wanted to upload my timelapses. This took me several hours to get them this far. I wonder a bit why no one submits videos. I checked, they are allowed. So now I’m really curious about the feedback. You can see the video here:

The last one got 505 view, 1 like, 0 comments. Let’s see how this one does.

If you want to see the other participants in Matt Granger’s photocompetition for august, just click here.

And here a preview picture of the video:

A screenshot from my video participation to Matt Granger's photocompetetion in august 2014.
A screenshot from my video participation to Matt Granger’s photocompetetion in august 2014.